Definition of Business Shortcut

A shortcut is a path that’s shorter than the one commonly taken. We seek S Logo transparent; Copyright 2009 Shortcuts to Results LLCshortcuts to get us to our end goals faster, and often with less effort and expense.

You probably have a few favorite shortcuts that help you get around town or make it to the office on time when traffic is bad. Also, you often call people rather than drive (or walk) to them when you want to talk; that’s a shortcut, too.

A good shortcut allows you to skip steps, but only the steps you don’t need.

Bad shortcuts leave out the steps you DO need, and are highly risky.

How do you know if a shortcut is good?

Here are the elements of good business shortcuts:

  • Safe – it gets you to the same desired end results with no increase in risk, and often with less risk.
  • Obstacle-Free – it takes you efficiently past obstacles that would otherwise be in your way to slow you down.
  • Economical – a shortcut delivers the results you want without burning up your scarce resources of time, money, and opportunity.
  • Predictable – it delivers an assured outcome because the pathway is proven to work.
  • Fast – it gets you to your goal faster than alternatives.

The very best business shortcuts are also:

  • Uncommon – They are known only by the insiders who have discovered them. These fortunate few hold the “maps” that enables them to use these shortcuts again and again. The relative obscurity of these uncommon shortcuts creates tremendous value because of the competitive edge they deliver.

Our aim at Shortcuts to Results is to help you find, create and exploit the business shortcuts you need to improve performance and gain competitive advantage.

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