A Note from Trouble Breaker #1

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

My Name is Paul Johnson, and I’m Trouble Breaker® #1 at my company, Shortcuts to Results.

We’re in the breakthrough business.

Since 1998, we’ve worked with companies to demystify the process of achieving breakthroughs. There are steps to the process, and an understanding of these steps allows people and organizations to break past trouble and reach new levels of productivity.

Have You Had Your Breakthrough Today?

You achieve a business breakthrough whenever you discover a new way to achieve a desired result, and that way is clearly better; perhaps faster, more efficient, or less risky. But a breakthrough is rarely valuable unless it can be repeated when needed. Shortcuts are breakthroughs that are repeatable. Shortcuts come with a “map” or set of instructions that allow the benefits of the original breakthrough to be enjoyed again and again.

EXAMPLE: What if you discovered that you had made “The World’s Most Powerful Rocket Fuel” but you had no way of duplicating it? Your breakthrough could be enjoyed just once before it was consumed and lost forever.

No shortcut to Mars for you.

Each breakthrough can become a new shortcut. Shortcuts convert breakthroughs into benefits.

A shortcut allows you to achieve your desired result with more simplicity and more confidence. Shortcuts push more revenue to the top line, or contribute more productivity for a measurably better bottom line.

Where the Best Shortcuts Come From

While we deliver proven shortcuts to our clients through our education, consulting and speaking programs, your most important shortcuts are likely to be the ones you create from your own breakthroughs.

Shortcuts to Results is the sole provider of the Trouble Breaker® Methodology, which enables people to routinely create their own business breakthroughs.

We create organizations of Trouble Breakers who routinely find ways to lead the way past obstacles and make things happen. They are conditioned to routinely apply the Trouble Breaker approach to find shortcuts — some small, some huge — during the daily course of their work.

The Trouble Breaker® Methodology is an important complement to any continuous performance improvement program. Trouble Breakers routinely find ways to get more done while having more fun and achieving truly inspiring goals.

Each business breakthrough gives you a potential competitive EDGE.

A collection of shortcuts gives you a powerful competitive ADVANTAGE.

An army of Trouble Breakers who develop shortcuts daily makes you an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE.

From Trouble Comes Opportunity.

We have taught ourselves to avoid trouble. Trouble brings high levels of stress due to anticipation of a bad outcome. We sense danger and discomfort. We feel out of control. Trouble moves us from productive stress to distress, where our “fight or flight” stress response controls us. Trouble can easily cause us to either engage in irrational and destructive behavior, or cause us to run away from trouble and never resolve it.

Yet we face trouble every day. We can overcome any trouble when we harness the productive tension that trouble creates. Tension becomes a productive catalyst when we’re not blinded by the emotions that surround our troubles.

When we strip emotion away from troubles (easier said than done!), we are left with pure problems. Solving problems is the source of all human progress — economic and otherwise.

Trouble Breakers are a special breed of problem solvers. They eagerly tackle troubles (flight isn’t even a consideration) without the distress that leads to paralysis, panic and poor decisions.

Trouble Breakers know that trouble often masks opportunity.

They know that they are ONE BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH AWAY from resolving the trouble and CASHING IN on the opportunity behind it.

Trouble Breakers acknowledge real danger, deal with the discomfort, and take action even when they don’t have total control.

What’s Your Trouble?

If you’re looking for Shortcuts to Results, we have programs in place help you in 4 areas:

Managing Change (Leadership)
Achieving Results (Production)
Gaining Commitment (Sales)
Creating Curiosity (Marketing)

If your issues are outside of those 4 areas, we teach the Trouble Breaker® Methodology for you to apply in your own area of domain expertise (nuclear physics, coal mining, dentistry… whatever).

We’ll help you create your own army of Trouble Breakers who will give you the competitive advantage you desire. Start enjoying the breakthroughs that will drive continuous performance improvement and put you way out in front in your market.

What’s a Breakthrough Look Like?

What happens when Shortcuts to Results help you create and enjoy business breakthroughs? Rather than listing unsubstantiated generalities like prosperity, happiness, and your heart’s desires, we can be more specific. And we’re not making this stuff up. Our clients are already enjoying these results, and we’ve got the letters to prove it.

– Managing Change (Leadership)

  • Realize your exit strategy
  • Pick a niche and narrow your focus
  • Get on the same page regarding the work your team should be doing
  • Give a quick boost to your team
  • Improve your value proposition
  • Formulate a simple step-by-step strategic plan that also provides for contingencies that could pop up
  • Get 1,000 people all pulling in the same direction
  • Leverage your group for the good of the whole organization
  • Have a more cohesive, stable, and productive organization

– Achieving Results (Production)

  • Become in demand and more profitable
  • Make your fast track project a success
  • Capitalize on your opportunities
  • Give your profit margins a tremendous boost
  • Make your own team’s efforts much more effective
  • Keep your total project investment down
  • Reinforce your sales training with a full set of training aids and materials
  • Enjoy more revenue, much higher margins, a strategic plan, and a simpler business
  • Work from a well-conceived guide of easily implemented techniques

– Gaining Commitment (Sales)

  • Double or triple your revenues in one year
  • Make working with potential investors easy
  • Eloquently describe the key drivers that your audience needs to hear
  • Have consistency all through the sales process
  • Benefit from presentations, demonstrations, and ROI analysis illustrations
  • Secure testimonial letters from your clients
  • Make it easier for salespeople to sell new accounts
  • Move your influence from 20 to 1,000 people
  • Have a repeatable framework for presenting and selling that works

– Creating Curiosity (Marketing)

  • Communicate the business benefits of your technology
  • Have a story that is tellable
  • Make your mark at trade shows
  • Deliver your message with clarity and brevity
  • Send a consistent message out to the marketplace
  • Break through to tough prospects and separate yourself from your competition
  • Get and keep people in your trade booth
  • Entertain as well as inform your audience
  • Understand how to create a great sales message for your company

I’d love to help you, too, but first you’ll have to contact me.  Then I’ll be happy to connect you with additional resources to help you break past the troubles you face today.

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